Unlocking the power of neurodiverse teams: strategies for retention & well-being

Learn how to empower neurodiverse teams while improving retention and well-being. In this workshop, we zoom in on what’s needed to lead diverse teams, spark discussions, and share practical tips with your leaders.

Unlocking the power of neurodiverse teams: hands-on approaches for all

Improve the collaboration, productivity and happiness of your neurodiverse teams. In this workshop, we share valuable insights and practical tips with your neurodivergent employees and their colleagues.

ADHDeveloper – Thriving as a neurodivergent software engineer

Dietrich shares his personal story of being a software developer with ADHD and provides five guiding principles for successful software teams that help neurodivergent team members become more resilient and productive.

How to become a high-performing software team

Upskill software development teams to perform on a higher yet sustainable level, drastically improving retention rates and the well-being of the team while allowing them to deliver high-quality working solutions sooner.

Personal agility: improve your productivity during this two-day workshop

Learning, demonstrating and applying principles, tools and insights to make your dreams, goals and work manageable and attainable in an agile way. The outcome of the workshop is a foundation for your own method or process.