Unlocking the power of neurodiverse teams: hands-on approaches for all

Improve the collaboration, productivity and happiness of your neurodiverse teams. In this workshop, we share valuable insights and practical tips with your neurodivergent employees and their colleagues.

Neuro-inclusive recruitment and onboarding: crucial for innovation and the 'War for Talent'

Diverse ways of thinking (neurodiversity) within a team are a catalyst for innovation. To build such a neurodiverse team, it is crucial to attract neurodivergent talents.
Serious game

Becoming a high-performing, neurodiverse software team

This neurodiverse software team is struggling! Help them better manage work, build trust, and improve morale to win!

Unlocking the power of neurodiverse teams: strategies for retention & well-being

Learn how to empower neurodiverse teams while improving retention and well-being. In this workshop, we zoom in on what’s needed to lead diverse teams, spark discussions, and share practical tips with your leaders.